Glass is increasingly becoming popular for balustrades as it offers some wind resistant with the least obstruction to view. 12mm Clear Bright Polished Toughened Safety Glass is used for this application although should the client request, tinted options are available. Toughened glass offers the highest resistance to impact, where if broken, it shatters into small pieces of blunt granules which are relatively safe, making it the best and safest option for frameless balustrades.

Recessed balustrades which is mounted into a channel which is cast into the concrete, allows for glass to be secured with no fittings showing.  This is then finished off with the normal flooring of choice for a professional, elegant look.  We are able to use this method for both straight and angled applications for stairs.

Our Side mounted balustrades are mounted to the side by means of 316 Marine grade stainless steel studs.  This application is commonly used for angled balustrades up staircases.

Frameless or structural glass balustrading is a contemporary and stylish alternative to timber or aluminium balustrading. It is a free standing glass system with very few or no vertical metal members. This provides the features of unobstructed viewing and maximum light transmission.

We offer a full range of Frameless Glass Balustrades. From side mounted to grouted. We have a solution that will work for you.


  • Side mounted
  • Grouted into channel
  • Short post
  • Handrails (recommended)

Glass balustrading is a safe, effective and modern way of providing screening for stairs or balcony areas. 

It is especially useful in tight corners, steep staircases, where there is little light, or where you do not want to obstruct the view. 

~Glass Balustrading with wood rail~

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~Glass Balustrading with steel rail~

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~Outdoor Glass Balustrading~

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